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When you select any web hosting provider for your website then you should consider some important aspects like security, support and quality of service.

Support plays an important role apart from other important aspects because if you get any issue related to your hosting account then who is the person concerned to solve this type of issues.

Moodle requires quite a few resources. As a host, I would not install that on a shared server, I would put that on a dedicated box.

As for which host, honestly, any host should be able to help you. I would like to see it on a Cloud-Based Hosting, not a windows solution. You have to deploy hosting where you can scale your Ram, Processor and storage because in future might your students will increase.

You can check out They have a very easy Moodle installation process - it's fairly easy to set up Moodle. However, this is "cost-effective" and hence do expect outages.